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RAGE 2 Game REVIEW If the nature of a first-person shooter is found in a single weapon, it is definitely the shotgun. Early in Rage 2, the protagonist Walker–a desert ranger who, depending on your preference, can be male or female–discovers a futuristic weapon locked in an ark: a kind of sophisticated fallout shelter designed to protect mankind and its precious technologies from a cataclysmic asteroid impact. Rage 2 has many issues, including a forgettable open world, a poor plot, and horrible handling of cars, but man, that weapon. The moment you shoot it, you know, apart from anything else, it’s a great FPS.

This semi-automatic mass destruction tool is noisy, offensive, and obnoxious: in essence, a little like Rage 2 itself. You can almost imagine the shockwave rippling through your shoulder as you unload a round of buckshot into a hapless opponent! But it’s the alternate fire mode that really makes it special, triggered by keeping the right mouse button. The range tightens, which massively increases the force of the impact. Enemies are thrown back savagely by the explosion, against doors, over railings, and from the cliff side.


And you’re going to need weapons like this to combat The Government, an invasion of electronic monsters marauding across this barren, asteroid-battered Earth’s sun-scorched wastelands. Defeating these guys and their chief, General Cross, is your main motivation in Rage 2—not to mention fighting off groups of raiders, robbers and other goons. But the plot is, frankly, completely forgettable. The war is the dark, beating heart of the game, and the purpose you’ll continue to play long after you’ve stopped caring for the story get more detail in .

Rage 2 is a stunning first-person shooter, but one piece of the puzzle is brutal, realistic guns like the beastly combat shotgun. When you find and break open more Arks spread across the open world, you discover lost code pieces that give you what are, essentially, superpowers. Some of these are very understated, like a gravity-defying double jump or the potential to hover in mid-air for a few seconds when shooting for your pistol. But others are far more intense.



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