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Cricket Match

Cricket – A Sporting Game of Passion

Cricket is a match played between two teams of nine players on an oval field in front of a boundary at the middle of which a wicket is situated at every end, each consisting of two stumps, two bats and a ball. There are three types of cricket, first-class cricket, under-13 cricket, and the Twenty20, which combine the action of the other two. These cricket matches are usually played over long periods of time but can be shortened by the introduction of a one-day international cricket tournament.

Cricket began life in the British colonies of India and Pakistan as a game between children. In the early nineteenth century, England’s Cricket Board (ECB) took it to a new level. The first recorded match between England and a foreign opponent was the famous Lord’s Test between England and Australia. With the aid of new technology, cricket grew dramatically in the coming decades and now has its own set of rules and regulations that govern the sport. A cricket match can be played using an artificial ball or using the hard plastic ball called the night. Cricket matches usually follow the four day’s cycle of four Tests plus a day match against New Zealand. A Test match is played between two countries, while a one-day match is played against another country.

Cricket can be played in all parts of the world and cricket has gained worldwide popularity. The most popular cricket team is the English cricket team, also known as the England cricket team. The team was formed in 1875 as the England Cricket Players’ Association. They were then known as the National Cricket Club (NCC), but later changed to the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). Cricket has a huge following among sports enthusiasts all over the world, and the sport has been associated with many well-known sporting events and tournaments, such as the Cricket World Cup, the Cricket League, and the England-Pakistan Cricket Championship.