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Congratulations, Graduate – now get out there and find a job!!

High school was tolerable, the college gave you a little more freedom and independence and now you are headed for the real world with all the freedom and independence in the world. Life will probably start to change after college in many ways. Personal finances may shift due to your new responsibility for paying things like car insurance and rent and then over time ease into paying taxes and mortgage payments. It is time to think of your future after graduation. How you interview and negotiate your first professional position will certainly affect your financial freedom. Your new salary and work environment will play a huge part in your disposable income as well as where you live and work. Prioritize what is important to you before you start interviewing. Also, realize that the first job offer may not be the best; be sure to carefully consider the UAE job and how it relates to your future. If you are going into the job market for the first time, the following are a few tips to help you get on track. The initial move is the hardest one to make, but following this advice should help you out!

Get ready for the part

 Remember always being able to spot a freshman a mile away? The same goes for newcomers to the job market if they do not prepare themselves for their new life. First, get a good, clean haircut. When you are in college, you can get away with messy, unkempt hair. But, just like the days of pulling all-nighters and endless multiple-choice tests, the days when shaggy was appealing are over. If you have any tattoos or piercings, let them go or at least hide them. Next, invest in a suit for the interview and clothing that can be worn once you start your job. Focus on casual conservative clothing with a professional flare if possible. A new, crisp look will boost your self-confidence, as well as give others confidence in your abilities. When interviewers see that you are willing to go to the effort to look your best, they know you will go the extra mile once you get the job. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you interview even better!

Arm yourself for the unexpected interview

Congratulations, Graduate – now get out there and find a job!!
Congratulations, Graduate – now get out there and find a job!!

You never know when you are going to be tapped for an interview, especially when you are actively pursuing employment. When you get invited to interview, you need to be prepared with a stunning resume and cover letter. Your resume should always be prefaced by a cover letter that states your intentions and briefly highlights your interest in the company. Your resume is essential because it is your personal marketing package. Start working on your resume early. You will find that it is much easier to simply update your resume periodically than it is to have to start from scratch when you try to get that first interview!

Reserve your right to be picky

 It is a common occurrence to get so caught up in the confidence boost of your first job offer that you take the job without heavily weighing whether or not the job might really be the one for you. Hesitate in taking the first job you are offered unless you feel certain that it is exactly what you want. College graduates` expectations are higher than ever, so do not compromise yours for the first offer you receive. Allow yourself to feel proud, and use your new confidence to wow prospective employers in future interviews.

Everyone knows that starting out in the job market can be a scary thing. Whether you are planning to be a millionaire by age 30, or you want to work for a non-profit organization for minimal pay, but maximum satisfaction, your expectations should remain high. After following these tips, you will have put in maximum effort to impress prospective employers and ensure you are on the right track. Then you can begin your life journey with your personal priorities being key


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